USA: Remember, karma is a bitch.

Thanks to your gov’t and your CIA, today 38 years ago begun one of the darkest chapters of the history of Chile. Your gov’t sponsored and did nothing for the thousands that were tortured, killed and “disappeared”. Why? Because your gov’t (and most of you, I hate to say) hate socialism. And you not only sponsored the coup d’état here in Chile but also in Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and so on, and helped, by action or omission, the dictatorships and the genocide and other atrocities that they did to our people, just because we thought different than you do, because we’d (and have) a different ideology than you have. And what was the reason behind the terrorists attacks of 9/11? Yep! you’re right: the same fucking hatred and intolerance.


Obama visited Chile last March and although he had THE golden opportunity to ask for forgiven in name of the US gov’t he didn’t even mention it.

The US attacked Libia because of Gaddafi’s dictatorship, because he was killing innocent people, because YOU’RE (allegedly) the protectors of FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. My ass! Where were your Army, your Air Force from 1973-1990 when tens of thousands of Chileans where tortured or killed. Oh! that’s right! your gov’t was behind Pinochet’s dictatorship! And don’t you dare to say that the “Historic context” justified your actions.

Many of you say that you respect life, some of you might be against abortion because of that, some of you might be against death penalty because of that… but let me ask you something, is human life only important when is an American life? when is a Chilean, an Argentinean, a Brazilian, an Iraqi life is not important? Last time I checked we all were homo sapiens, human beings, ergo your life is not more important than mine, we’re all the same and both your and mine life deserve respect. it’s more than ok to despise other’s person opinion, but you must never despise that person’s life. Never.

I’m not saying that is good nor fair what happened ten years ago, all I’m saying it’s that if you were shocked and condemned that horrific action, what could we, the 17 million of Chileans, say about your actions on our country against our people almost 40 years ago? Think about it.



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